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Natural Puppies is your one-stop-shop for everything puppies. We guide readers on pet care and grooming, food, and health and publish tons of product reviews to make you a happy pet owner. Whatever pet information or product you need, you are guaranteed to find it on Natural Puppies.

My Love for Puppies Started 20 Years Ago

When I first saw him, it didn’t take 30 minutes to know that Charlie was the one. I had been a cat person all my life, and I didn’t know much about dogs. But then my husband introduced me to this pretty amazing puppy, and we were inseparable from then on.

Charlie opened up my world, and my love for pets blossomed for the few years we spent together. Sadly, bone cancer put him down a few years later. It hit me personally, watching how a once vibrant puppy spent his last days in pain and incapacitated.

My name is Dana King, and I am a dog lover and enthusiast.

I have owned other pets in my life, but I have never experienced the depth of connection that I felt with Charlie. He had a personality as unique as his coat. He was wonderfully joyous, completely loving. It was painful losing him, but my relationship with him changed my life for the better.

I Share the Love on Natural Puppies

It was a dark day when I learned of Charlie’s osteosarcoma. He had shown zero signs of pain or lameness before, and there those radiographs were showing how the tumor affected a big part of her limb.

We tried every medication and purchased every accessory you can think of, but sadly the tumor just spread too fast.

I went on to have many dogs after Charlie, and I have learned so much about them. My passion and mission are fueled by my desire to give pets a healthy life. I aim to make them feel at least half as good as they do me. This is the love that birthed Natural Puppies.

Keeping a dog healthy and happy, as I have learned, involves a meticulous choice of pet food, medication, and accessories. I did hundreds of pet visits with Charlie, and I have done many more with my other dogs. I have gathered extensive knowledge on healthy dog medication, healthy dog food, and healthy routines. The purpose of Natural Puppies is to share this knowledge with you.

If you have questions on dog food, dog vaccination, dog training, and so forth, you have come to the right place.

I Make Life Easier for Pet Owners

All the products and information you find on this site have been carefully researched and verified. All content goes through meticulous editing, and all products are rigorously investigated before they are recommended to you.

You can expect ideas and product recommendations that improve your pet’s health so you can enjoy many years together.

Often, we test the products we recommend to you to ensure that we guide you the proper way. We verify claims with manufacturers and vets. We provide the facts and give you a variety of options to help you make the right decision.

I also spend a long time with dog owners and pet enthusiasts, and experts alike. My love for pets has become my day job, and I give it my all. I bring you the latest and the best and tested pet care tips and accessories.

I’m Excited to Walk this Journey with You

Anxious about your new puppy?

Puppies and adolescent dogs are lots of fun. Your only job is to take care of them and make them feel like part of the family. But, just like babies, they have constant needs, and it can be a little overwhelming. I am here if you need me.

After many decades of caring for dogs and writing about them, I have so much to share on responsible dog ownership. I will get you through the blues and anxieties that you may have about owning a puppy.

I will share training tips, medication options, and best food recommendations to improve their quality of life. Be sure to check out our Grooming, Toys and Training, and Health sections as you get started.

Want to become an even better pet owner?

“Dogs rarely get the blues. Anytime you notice abnormal behavior with your dog, you should bring it to a vet’s attention,” this is the advice I received from the vet when Charlie was first diagnosed with bone cancer. The signs were subtle, but an experienced dog owner wouldn’t have missed them.

You can do so much to become a better pet owner, and on this site, I share everything I have learned. From vet visits to pet meal choice and planning, grooming, and preventive care, I’ve got your back. It would be a pleasure to walk this journey with you.

Why Naturalpuppies.com is No Ordinary Pet Site

Dogs can get complicated when you dive into breeds, genetic history, medications, and health complications. I am here to break it down for you. The content you find here is simplified and readily usable.

It is accurate and scientifically factual yet relatable and applicable in your pet’s daily life.

Below is how I choose products and create guides on this site:

Quality and diverse products: I spend most of my days in pet stores, at the vet’s, and reading through tones of research materials. The products listed here are of superior quality and best performance in dog health and fitness.

Trusted reviews: Natural Puppies is deeply plugged into the pet owner community. I talk to many successful pet owners and learn a lot about the best products and pet care techniques. I bring you the best-voted products and guides.

Affordability: I know from firsthand experience that the cost of pet ownership can quickly run high without the right approach. I bring you wallet-friendly yet high-quality pet products and accessories to save your budget.

Since I launched Natural Puppies, I have been focusing on the most innovative pet products that align with a modern pet owner’s needs. I like to empower my readers with the latest products and information to help them nurture happy pets and bond better with them.

Is Naturalpuppies.com For You?

Are you interested in puppies, and would you love to own one soon?

Do you have a puppy that you would like to take better care of?

Do you need help with dog training and grooming or caring for a sick pet?

If you answer yes on any of the above, Natural Puppies is right for you.

I will help you learn everything you need to know about puppy food.

I will walk you through natural and effective dog medications.

I will share with you knowledge of grooming and training and reveal the best products that can make life easier and enjoyable for both of you.

I look forward to having you onboard.