Do Chow Chows Shed? – 4 Things You May Not Know 

Who could remain without being charmed by the Chow Chows’ bear-like beauty? – No one! However, if you have allergies, you might be concerned about how much they shed.

So, do Chow Chows shed? Yes, they do! Chow Chows have rich double coats – therefore, they shed a lot throughout the year. They shed the most on any dog breed, ranking among the top 5 in this category.

A Chow Chow sheds constantly year-round, but seasonal variations, illness, diet, and grooming upkeep may cause more shedding.

Let’s delve deeper into this subject and understand better how much Chow Chows shed and how to stop your dog from shedding excessively.

Chow Chows Shedding Volume and Frequency

Chows are a breed that shed a lot. Although they aren’t quite as huge as anAkita orBernese Mountain Dog, they shed around the same proportion of fur.

As we all know, shedding in dogs is common. Simply put, your dog is shedding its old fur to create room for fresh hair.

But certain dogs shed more frequently than others, depending on the breed and the coat type.

Chow Chows have two different coat types – therough-coated, which has a somewhat long, dense, and fluffy outside coat, is the most popular variation. The second is the smooth one, which has a more petite, finer coat and is a less popular variation.

These dogs shed their winter smooth coats in the early summer because they won’t need them in the warmer months. In contrast, they lose their summer coats in the autumn to prepare for the colder days – meaning you will see a lot more shedding during certain seasons of the year.

However, other causes may contribute to heavy shedding beyond what is regarded as typical. For instance, stress, allergies, and a poor diet might affect shedding.

Why Do Chow Chows Shed a Lot?

Two Chow Chow Dog

The answer is in the intention behind breeding these dogs and how well-adapted they are to their environment. There is little doubt that only some canines were created for the same purposes.

For your dog to grow a healthy and shiny coat, experts say food is essential. In addition, Chows may lose weight if their diet and health are inadequate. Let’s investigate the several reasons Chow Chows shed.

Winter Coat

As you are probably familiar, the Chow Chow is Chinese in origin. The idea that these dogs originated in the Polar Circle, however, is one that historians say is gaining traction.

Like some other dog breeds from icy regions, Chow Chows require a rough coat to survive the bitter weather. In addition, they need a garment that could shift to accommodate the environment’s rapid seasonal variations.

Due to these factors, the Chow has one of the fluffiest coats in the entire canine world.

Double Coat

The double coat of a dog is its two-layered fur covering. The Chow Chow is not the only breed with this physical trait; at least ten other recognized breeds also have it.

Firstly, a thick “undercoat” consists of smaller, wool-like hairs. It performs the same function and feels like wool. This undercoat’s primary function is to serve as insulation during the Chow Chow’s chilly seasons.

Longer hairs, usually called guard hairs, make up the “outer coat,” which is present on the exterior. As implied by the name, the dog is guarded and protected by this outer part from any potentially harmful environmental factors.

Seasonal Changes

As we’ve previously mentioned, by shedding their fur coats, Chow Chows are naturally equipped to be very adaptable to fluctuations in temperature and seasons.

Therefore, it makes sense that these dogs will shed more frequently at different times of the year, primarily in the spring and autumn.


Poor dietary choices might also make your Chow Chow unwell and cause them to shed too much.

Your dog requires the right vitamins to stay healthy as humans do. Dogs may risk a variety of health problems if they are not given the proper nutrients. As a result, they might suddenly start losing energy, changing their behavior, and shedding too much.

Managing Chow Chows’ Shedding

We first want to mention that you cannot “stop” your furry pal from entirely shedding. There isn’t a quick treatment or a magic trick to halt it.

You may, however, halt excessive shedding, and you can achieve this through brushing, bathing, and nutrition. Let’s see this in further detail.


Regular grooming is the fastest and most efficient way to reduce shedding on your Chow. In addition to removing loose hair from your dog’s fur before it falls out, brushing also stimulates and distributes his coat’s natural oils, promoting a solid coat that retains hair longer.

Some people also discover that brushing more than once a day might be beneficial during periods of severe shedding.

Regular Bathing

Bathing your Chow can significantly reduce shedding, especially if you follow it with a good grooming session.

However, it would be best if you didn’t bathe him too frequently or with low-quality shampoos – it could dry the fur, potentially worsening shedding.

Balanced Diet

Bad food choices can cause many health issues in general. It could ultimately have a detrimental effect. So always choose premium dog foods with positive reviews.

To build a moisture-rich and healthy coat and reduce shedding, search for dog diets that include Omega 3 and 6.

Final Thoughts

Do Chow Chows Shed? Yes, they shed a lot of furs! As a result, they are not the most fantastic option for those who don’t want to take the time to clean things up.

However, by regularly brushing your pet and using some of the other pointers we’ve provided in this guide, you can significantly reduce the time you spend cleaning up dead hairs. for more insightful facts about your favorite furry friend.