How Often Should I Bathe My Pitbull: Everything You Need to Know

Do you own a pitbull? Pitbulls have short, silky hair that keeps them in shape and natural oils on their skin that keep them protected.

Bathing them once a month is ideal. However, it is acceptable if you choose to wash your dog only once every two months.

You should be aware of how frequently you should bathe your pitbull. We have a lot to say regarding pitbulls and how often you should bathe them, so keep reading to learn more!

Techniques to Follow While Bathing Your Pitbull

According to the experts, pitbulls should be washed every two weeks or so. However, washing a pitbull every 2 to 6 months can significantly enhance its hygiene and appearance.

Pitbulls are active and they like to get dirty, so keep in mind that additional baths and showers might be required. Bathing a pitbull more than twice a year might be hard if you live in a muddy area.

If your pitbull’s coat becomes dirty or stinky, you should give it another wash. Pay attention to the following grooming and bathing techniques for the greatest outcomes.

Check Water Temperature

To begin, lightly wet your dog’s fur in the shower. When doing so, keep in mind the temperature of the water. If you don’t want to scare your pitbull, don’t use cold or cold water in the shower.

If you don’t check the water temperature, there’s a risk of burning your pitbull or frightening it of baths entirely.

Use Dog-Friendly Shampoo

Human shampoo should not be used on your pitbull because some components can badly affect their skin.

Check instructions to find out whether the shampoo needs to be diluted or not. Also make sure to read the label to know how long you should leave the shampoo on the pitbull before washing it off.

Make sure to keep water and shampoos out of your pitbull’s eyes when bathing. Although some shampoos that are dog-friendly claim to be non-stinging. Preventing eye damage in your pitbull can be as simple as applying preventive ophthalmic cream to its face before bathing.

After soaking the pitbull’s face, gently clean the face with slightly warm water. The external ear lobes and the corner of the eyes should be free of tears. To prevent any kind of skin problems and allergic reactions in your pitbull, make sure the shampoo is fragrance-free.

 How Often Should I Bathe My Pitbull

Do Not Forget to Clean the Pitbull’s Ears

Pitbulls’ ears are more likely to get infected because of their tendency to accumulate dirt. Cleaning your pitbull’s ears once a week can help in preventing this.

Antibacterial chemicals included in dog ear care products can help in the removal of wax, as well as reduce irritation and risk of infection.

Infected or inflamed parts should be properly wiped out with a moist cotton ball. If you observe anything unusual, make sure to contact a veterinarian straight away.

What to Consider While Bathing a Pitbull Puppy

If your pitbull is a baby and is only one month old, keeping them according to your orders is simple.

However, this does not mean that you should bathe the baby pitbull too much. If they stay at home and do not get into the mud, you can wash them once a month and train them for this bathing routine.

You can also offer a special dog treat after bathing as a positive gesture. Keeping your dog occupied with love while washing will create a better bond between you and your dog.

Try making it fun for your dog as much as you can and involve your pitbull in other activities while cleaning.

Do’s and Don’ts to Remember About Bathing Your Dog

  1. Do not forget to brush your dog’s fur before bathing
  2. Do not throw your dog into the water right away (instead, try patting your dog with a wet towel or hand, that way your dog can adjust to the water temperature before getting into the real bath)
  3. Read the ingredients of the shampoo you are going to use beforehand
  4. Make sure you rinse your dog’s fur properly, so no shampoo residue remains stuck in their fur
  5. Dry your dog properly with a dry and clean towel after the bath


A clean dog is a healthy dog, but finding out how often you should bathe your pitbull might be challenging if you’re a newbie pet parent.

The proper grooming and bathing plan for your dog can help them better maintain their general skin and coat health while also keeping them comfortable.

Pitbulls can be bathed every two weeks or every six months. Remember that you’ll need to wash them more frequently if they spend a lot of time outside or splashing in the mud.

Regardless of how frequently you bathe a pitbull, brush them every day in order to eliminate any dead hair and promote its natural oils.

Hopefully our guide has helped you in bathing your pitbull. We wish you luck with your pitbull and hope bathing and grooming goes smoothly for you!