Canine Problems: Why Does My Dog Snort Like a Pig?

It is common for dogs to have different moods and sound differently in certain situations. When you hear your dog make strange pig sounds, you may wonder, “why does my dog snort like a pig?”

There could be plenty of reasons to explain why your dog sounds like a pig. It could be a weird habit that your dog began to learn over time, or it could be something that is stuck in your dog’s nasal passage. Read on to find out more information on when you should ask a vet to check out your dog. 

Why Does My Dog Snort Like a Pig?

why does my dog snort like a pig

Dogs are intelligent species, but they can also be funny. Online, we see plenty of cute dog videos where they act amusing, like chasing shadows, attempting to take a bite from hose tap water, or jumping and rolling around in mud. 

You may encounter many situations where your dog acts funny, but in addition to their actions, dogs might also make some funny sounds. When all of a sudden your dog starts snorting, you may ask yourself, “why does my dog snort like a pig?”

Is it intentional, or is it some sort of medical problem? There could be multiple reasons why your dog is snorting like a pig. It may be behavior or some sort of respiratory infection. Let’s take a detailed look at all the possibilities. 

Snorting Due to Respiratory Problems

There are many medical conditions that can cause snorting in dogs, such as sinus infections, nasal discharge, or respiratory distress. In addition, there’s a high chance your dog may have allergies or breathing issues if he snorts like a pig. 

It is common for dogs to have runny noses if they have a cold. With colds, fluid builds up inside the sinuses, which increases the risk of germs growing or sinus infections.

Snorting noises can also be caused by critical and life-threatening illnesses such as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), also known as “shock lung.” With ARDS, a massive inflammation shows up all over the body, which may require the dog to be hospitalized for treatment. It’s best to get your dog checked by a vet if his breathing difficulties become too severe.

There are also a variety of mites that can attack your pooch. Nasal mites are 1 mm long and visible to the naked eye. They can get into the nasal passages of our furry fellows, leading them to snort or reverse sneeze. If you are unsure of what can help rid your dog’s nose of these mites or other insects, this list of the five best dog flea and worm treatment items can assist you.

Snorting Because of Blocked Nasal Passages

Imagine if something got stuck in your nasal passage. What would you do? You would try to clear the airway, but how do you do that? You would blow heavily through your nose, right? Dogs would do the same thing. 

Snorting mainly comes from the nasal passages of dogs – even the slightest disturbance in a nasal passageway can cause a dog to start snorting. If some foreign body, like dirt or other debris, gets stuck in a dog’s nasal passage, she will begin snorting to clear the airway.

The brachycephalic breeds snort more than other dogs due to their collapsed tracheas, which open with the help of reverse sneezing. When brachycephalic dogs try to clear their airways, they will most likely sound like pigs.

When we blow heavily through our nasal passage, the blockage in the airway makes all sorts of noises. Aspirators can be a great tool to open a nasal passage. Check out the list of the top five aspirators to decide on one for your puppy.

Snorting as Communication 

It may sound weird, but yes, it is possible your dog can also snort or snuffle to communicate with other dogs or their owner.

Dogs can use this behavior to show their willingness to play with other canines. Some dogs may snort to communicate with family members for attention, or they might ask you to play. It is also possible dogs snort to ask for food. 

How to Stop My Dog From Snorting 

why does my dog snort like a pig

If you have a toy breed at home, you know its snorts are adorable. But if a dog keeps snorting to the extent it gets annoying, you might desire it to stop. How do we stop our dogs from snorting?

There could be plenty of reasons why your dog is snorting. Most likely, it’s due to breathing problems. You can consult with your vet, who might suggest allergy medications, or surgery to help widen narrow and clogged airways, or shorten the soft palate. 

If you feel it’s nothing serious and you don’t need to visit the veterinary doctor, you can also try some home remedies like massaging your dog for relief. Also, you could look for an air purifier  – this will filter out dust particles from the surrounding air, and help your dog to breathe. 

Bottom Line

Dogs can not only bark or howl, but they can also make other funny sounds, such as snorting like a pig. After listening to this, you may ask yourself, “why does my dog snort like a pig?”

Plenty of reasons can cause your dog to make sounds like a pig. Dogs can often encounter breathing problems, and some make sounds as a habit or communication. When you hear your dog snorting, make sure he does not have any breathing issues. If he’s just talking to other dogs, he can go on his merry way!