Victor Dog Food – In-Depth Review & Buyer’s Guide

Dogs don’t care about nutrition – they care about taste!

You could serve your furry friend the highest quality, healthiest food available. But if he doesn’t like the taste, he won’t eat more than a bite. Unfortunately, just because a food is nutritious doesn’t mean it’s delicious.

Finding the perfect pet food isn’t always easy. It needs natural, wholesome ingredients such as protein and vegetables. The quality and type of ingredients have a direct effect on your dog’s health and happiness. But the taste, smells, and textures of the meal must appeal to dogs, too.

Victor Dog Food makes all-natural dog food designed to deliver vitamins, minerals and more. But it’s not just healthy. It’s tasty, too! Are Victor dog foods the best choice for your four-legged friend? Our complete review takes a look at the pros, cons and everything else you need to know:

Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Food

The world of dog food can be confusing to navigate. Not only does the food need specific ingredients, but what’s *not* in the food is also important. You’ll need to know what by-products, fillers, and other potential problems to avoid.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert in pet nutrition to give your dog a healthy diet. As long as you understand the basics, you can easily find food which will meet your dog’s nutritional needs. When shopping for dog food, consider the following:

Your Dog’s Stage of Life:

Dogs under 18 months need puppy food. Dogs over the age of seven typically benefit by switching to senior formulas. Determine your dog’s specific needs related to his age, breed, weight and health status.

The Order of the Ingredients

The first ingredient is the most plentiful. It should be either a single-source protein or a combination of real meats such as beef, chicken or lamb. The second ingredient can be a vegetable or other source of carbohydrates such as potato or rice.

Potential Allergies

Grains such as corn and wheat can cause allergy problems. They also don’t provide many nutritional benefits. Generally, you want foods labeled grain-free.

Wet or Dry Food

It’s important to zero in on whether you want to buy wet or dry food for your dog. Sometimes, your pets may have a hard time chewing on dry food, which is when wet food comes in handy. Dry food is a lot easier to handle for the owner though, and it’s good for your dog’s teeth as well. However, if your dog does not drink enough water, make sure to get them wet food, even if it means more mess for you.

Victor Dog Food

About the Brand

Mid America Pet Food owns and has manufactured Victor Dog Food since 2007. However, the brand has been around since the 1940s. It’s a small company located in Texas whose primary concern is making high-quality products for dogs everywhere!

You can find Victor Dog Food in many different stores and can also purchase it online. Visit their website to get a list of stores that sell Victor Dog Food in and around where you live.

What Do They Offer?

Victor Dog Food offers a series of super premium dog food products for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. Originally, the food was created for breeders and trainers. However, the unique recipe soon became popular among all dog owners, including first-time pet parents.

Their most popular product is their Classic Multigrain food. It has a blend of proteins and grains specifically formulated for dogs. Food is available featuring beef, chicken, lamb, and fish. The nutrient-rich formula promises to boost energy levels and help maintain a healthy weight.

Even though the food is popular among professional trainers, you don’t need to be a dog expert to benefit from serving this food. It’s suitable for all breeds of dogs in all stages of life.

Victor Dog Food Pros & Cons


  • Fresh, all-natural ingredients provide balanced nutrition.
  • Wide selection of foods with a single-source protein.
  • Formula Finder helps you find the best food for your dog’s exact needs.
  • Unique CORE ingredients help keep dogs active at every age.
  • Contains up to 26% protein.


  • The bag isn’t very durable. Requires somewhat careful handling and storage.
  • Recent alternations to the recipe have slightly changed the taste (and not all former fans love it).

Features and Benefits

Balanced Nutrition from Trusted Experts

Victor makes a wide variety of different dry foods, each geared towards a specific need. Their most popular products are their classic multigrain formulas Hi-Pro Plus and High Energy. They’re a balanced source of proteins and grains which provides nutrition and energy to dogs of any life cycle.

They also offer a Select Protein line ideal for puppies, seniors, and dogs with allergies. This food uses single-source proteins such as Ocean Fish and Lamb with Rice. Single-source proteins are easier on sensitive stomachs, which is a common issue in older and younger dogs.

Victor Pet Food offers a plethora of grain-free products, such as:

  • Yukon River Canine
  • Chicken Meal and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Lamb Meal and Sweet Potato
  • Active Dog and Puppy
  • Chicken and Vegetable Cuts In Gravy
  • Hero Canine
  • Ultra Pro
  • Turkey and Sweet Potato Cuts in Gravy.

Victor also has a fun selection of crunchy dog treats for your favorite companion. They offer treats with chicken, turkey, and lamb meat!

The Victor dog food formulas are certified “complete and balanced” by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. It contains all necessary vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and amino acids dogs need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Who Formulates The Food?

Victor Dog Food has a team of nutritionists and experienced professionals who make sure their food complies with all government and moral regulations.

Currently, there are 12 nutritionists working on their team alongside their president, Michael Keith. Moreover, they do not limit their research to their own team members, but also incorporate the opinions of third-party nutritionists. Their research is science-based, so you can rest assured your pets will receive the best food.

Formula Finder Helpful for New Dog Owners

Not sure what brand is best? Victor has a Formula Finder on their site. Input your dog’s age, preferred protein and other info to get a custom recommendation. It’s a great option if you’re interested in the brand but not sure about your dog’s specific nutritional needs.

Most adult dogs can eat any lean meat protein. Choose chicken, lamb, beef or whatever else sounds appealing. However, avoid switching foods out frequently. If you want to give your dog a new food, slowly mix a small amount of new food in with the old. Gradually shift the amounts over two weeks until the dog is eating the new food. Gradual switching helps prevent digestive problems.

Unique CORE Recipe

All Victor brand pet foods have a core of four ingredients. You won’t find this blend in any other brands. The four Victor CORE ingredients are:

Selenium Yeast

Selenium is an element which boosts metabolism, increases cellular regeneration and improves immune system effectiveness. Victor uses selenium yeast as the exclusive source of selenium. Cells easily absorb selenium from the yeast.

Complex Minerals

A blend of zinc, manganese, and iron help support a strong immune system, healthy coat, efficient metabolism, strong paw pads and more. Remember, food is your dog’s main source of vitamins. Complex minerals are necessary for skeletal, joint and reproductive system health.


Prebiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system. They also help the immune system fight off infections by flushing unwanted yeast fractions out of the body. The prebiotics is found in Hydrolyzed Yeast, which allows for easy absorption.


Probiotics also promote healthy digestive functions. Along with prebiotics, probiotics help with nutrient absorption. These good bacteria also help maintain intestinal balance while reducing intestinal inflammation.

Free from Filler

Aside from the four CORE ingredients and the protein, you won’t find much else in the dog food – and that’s a good thing! Dog food should be as simple and wholesome as possible.

All formulas are free from corn, wheat, and soy. Not only are they potential allergens, but they also have limited nutritional value.

You won’t find by-products listed on any Victor ingredient labels. By-products are bits of bone, cartilage and other animal parts which provide no nutritional value.

Helps Clean Teeth

Victor makes dry dog food, which is the type most pet care experts recommend. The crunchy texture helps remove plaque and another build-up.

On the other hand, wet food can stick between teeth. It’s also too soft to remove plaque. Usually, wet food is only recommended if your dog has jaw or mouth problems such as missing teeth.

However, not all dry food is equally suitable for every breed. Make sure the kibble isn’t too large for your dog’s mouth. Dogs under 30 pounds should eat food specifically labeled for small dogs.

Victor food has two kibble sizes. The beef meal and brown rice formula are the largest. It’s roughly one-third of the size of a quarter. The grain-free formulas have a smaller size. They should be suitable for most small dogs (although still too large for teacup breeds.)

Social Proof

As mentioned earlier, dog food only provides benefits if the dog is willing to eat it. We were relieved to find so many positive comments online from people with dogs who love to eat Victor dog foods. Here’s one example of a formerly finicky eater who now chows down as fast as she can:

Many breeders and dog care professionals still rely on Victor Dog Food. They also recommend it to everyday pet owners, too:

The food’s great value is another benefit frequently mentioned by customers. It’s priced much lower than many similar types of food. Many folks who own multiple dogs say the food is easy on their budgets.


Victor dog food has lots to offer, but it’s certainly not the only healthy option for your pup. Here are the top three alternatives:

Product PhotoProduct NameRatingPrice
DJI Mavic Pro1. Taste of the Wild4.2
Check Price
DJI Mavic Pro2. Orijen Dog Food4.4
Check Price
DJI Mavic Pro3. Kirkland Signature Dog Food5.0
Check Price
DJI Mavic Pro4. Victor Performance Dry Dog Food, 40 Lb. Bag4.3
Check Price

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is another Superfood. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, a fatty acid blend and more. The main ingredient is roasted bison. If your pet is suffering from a potential food allergy, you’ll want to feed him a diet consisting of a protein he’s never eaten before – and bison is often an excellent option.

However, Taste of the Wild recently changed their formula. While the nutritional content is the same, the flavor has changed. Many pet owners discovered their dogs no longer eat the food as enthusiastically as they once did.

  • Like Victor, Taste of the Wild is a Superfood packed with nutrients
  • The main ingredient of bison is great for diagnosing food allergies
  • A recent taste change has upset some long-time customers

Taste of the Wild has similar nutritional qualities to Victor Dog Food, but with a different, bison-based taste. Check out Taste of the Wild here.

Orijen Dog Food

Orijen is another premium dog food with a commitment to fresh ingredients. Nearby Canadian farms and ranches source all ingredients. Meats and veggies go from source to store within just five days. It’s some of the freshest dog food you can find anywhere.

If your dog doesn’t seem to like the taste of Victor food, try Orijen instead. Dogs typically respond well to the smells and textures of the raw, fresh ingredients.

However, the high quality does have a cost. Expect to pay more per bag for Orijen compared to Victor. If your dog eats Victor food without an issue, you can keep him healthy for less.

  • Fresh ingredients are packed with nutrients
  • Dogs love the meaty taste
  • High cost compared to many similar brands

If you’re looking for the freshest ingredients possible, Orijen is the top brand to consider. Check out Orijen Dog Food here.

Kirkland Signature Dog Food

Kirkland is Costco’s in-house brand. While the idea of “Costco dog food” probably sounds affordable, is it nutritious? Actually, yes! Many pet owners are surprised to learn the nutritional quality of Kirkland is comparable to high-end, premium brands.

Kirkland Signature foods have real chicken, fresh eggs, whole grain brown rice and more. They’re loaded with antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics and more. Plus, the Kirkland Signature line has a wide range of different food types.

Choose Kirkland if your dog has specialized needs which Victor foods can’t meet. Kirkland offers formulas for puppies, seniors, dogs with sensitive stomachs and more.

  • A wide variety of specialized formulas for puppies, seniors and more
  • Priced lower than many brands with similar quality
  • Includes chicken, eggs, whole grain brown rice, and other fresh ingredients

Transition To VICTOR

If you’ve found Victor Dog Food to be beneficial for your dog, and now you want to permanently switch your dog’s diet, make sure to do it gradually. Start by giving your dog about 25% Victor food and 75% of their regular food. After a few days, you can even it out, then slowly move on to 75% Victor. Eventually, after 10-odd days, you can start giving your hairy friend Victor Dog Food only!

Premium Does Not Necessarily Mean More Beneficial

You’ll often find food for your pets labeled ‘premium’ or ‘gourmet.’ This food is generally more expensive than regular dog food because they tend to be made of better ingredients – but not always. 

Premium food might not necessarily have more nutritional value than cheaper food. Of course, this food does have its benefits – it might taste and smell better – but it’s not necessary for you to buy it all the time. The smart move would be to use a combination of both cheaper and more expensive food if you can. Treat your pet from time to time, but do not feel obligated to do that constantly.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of specialized formulas, check out Kirkland Signature dog food here.


Dogs can be quick to snag a fallen potato chip or other bits of people food. But they can be surprisingly picky about what they eat day to day. If your dog doesn’t enjoy eating his food, his health and energy levels can drop.

Victor dog food is a win-win for both dogs and their owners. Owners love how it’s packed with nutrition while dogs love the real meat flavors. Here are three reasons you’ll want to consider this food:

  • Single-source proteins which have an enticing smell and terrific taste
  • Formula Finder helps new owners find the perfect type of food for their dog’s needs
  • Unique CORE formula helps keeps dog active and energetic

Does Victor Dog Food sound like the ideal meal for your furry friend? Click here to check out it out for yourself!