4Health Dog Food – In-Depth Review & Buyer’s Guide

You want to give your dog the best, highest quality food possible – but who can you trust?

Unfortunately, you can’t trust your dog. Just because he gobbles down a meal with enthusiasm doesn’t mean the food is healthy or nutritious.

Also, you can’t trust marketing. Every brand claims they have a wholesome, unique formula which is superior to the competition.

Instead, you want to trust the manufacturer. Who makes your dog’s food? What expertise do they bring to the table?

For over 70 years, dog owners have trusted 4Health Dog Food from the Tractor Supply Company. However, the brand isn’t very well-known among many households, especially those in suburban and urban areas. But 4Health Dog Food has a lot to offers dogs of practically any breed in every stage of life. Our complete, unbiased review starts right now:  

Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Food

Do you feel hopelessly lost when reading the labels on a bag of dog food? What’s a by-product or a meal? What do all those percentages mean?

Fortunately, it’s okay not to understand much. The more confusing the ingredients, the less likely the food is nutritious and healthy.

The healthiest dog food has the simplest ingredients. The first ingredient listed should be a lean protein made from real meat. The next few ingredients should be fresh vegetables such as potatoes or carrots. Avoid foods with lots of grains like corn and wheat as they can irritate a dog’s digestive systems.

Most high-end dog foods will have fairly similar ingredients, at least on paper. What makes one brand different from the other is the quality of those ingredients.

Think of it this way: When you go to the grocery store, you can find low-cost, low-quality frozen chicken. But you can also buy farm-fresh chicken raised without antibiotics, hormones or other additives. It’s all chicken, but the difference in taste and nutrition can be substantial.

The ingredients in dog food are the same. The best food will have the freshest, most wholesome meats and vegetables sourced from trusted suppliers.  

Before buying dog food, consider the following:

  • Are the ingredients sourced from a local supplier?
  • Are the ingredients certified organic?
  • Does the manufacturer understand the nutritional needs of dogs?
  • Do they make a variety of different foods for different stages of life?

4Health Dog Food from the Tractor Supply Company

4Health has a bit of a different pedigree than other dog food manufacturers. They’re a Tennessee-based farm supply and rural lifestyle company. And they’re not small, either. They operate the largest chain of rural retail stores in the country, with 1,700 stores in 49 states (along with a robust online sales operation).

You can find basically anything needed for life on the farm. They sell farm equipment, clothing, tools, feed and, yes, pet supplies.

At first, we were a bit hesitant buying dog food from such a large company. Could they specialize in dog food while they also have so many other products on their plate? But after some research, they offer compelling reasons to believe they know what they’re doing.

First, they’re experts in animal nutrition. After all, they’ve been making feed for farm animals since 1938. They understand that all species are different, and unique food must be formulated for every animal’s specific needs. Their dog food contains lean meat protein to provide dogs with vital amino acids and other nutrients.  

Also, they understand the importance of sourcing. They’re farming experts, so they know what to look for when selecting partners. All meats and vegetables are raised and grown in safe, wholesome environments to maximize freshness and quality.

Pros & Cons


  • Farming experts who source fresh, wholesome ingredients.
  • All formulas carefully balanced for a dog’s complete nutrition needs.
  • Farmers and ranchers have trusted the brand since 1938.


  • Only four varieties of food available.
  • No brand specifically for small dogs.
  • Minimal wet food options.

Features & Benefits

Special Formula for Older Dogs

A dog’s nutritional needs change with age. Dogs decrease their activity levels as they age. If a dog isn’t very active, he needs food with less protein. Otherwise, he’ll gain weight, because he’s not burning as many calories each day.

4Health’s Mature Adult Formula is designed for less active senior dogs. It’s a lamb-based formula with 20% protein and 10% fat. That’s about 5% lower than the levels of both in their other formulas.

The Mature Adult Formula is also a good fit for dogs of any age who suffer from sensitive stomachs or other digestive issues.  

Helps Keep Dogs Active

Does your dog never sit still? Younger dogs with high energy burn through calories quickly. Their food needs lots of protein to provide extra energy.

4Health Chicken and Vegetable Formula has a protein content of 26% and a fat content of 15%. That’s higher than many similar brands. It’s well-suited for active dogs, including working dogs. However, make sure your dog is energetic; otherwise, the high fat content can result in weight gain.

Two Weight Loss Options

Is your pooch packing on some extra pounds? Obesity can cause a variety of health and mobility problems. Aside from increasing your dog’s activity levels, you’ll also want to change his diet. 4Health offers two options:

  • Healthy Weight formula
  • Special Care Weight Management formula

Both formulas have a reduced calorie count while still providing all necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

The Healthy Weight formula is ideal for moderate weight loss, while the grain-free Special Care Formula is recommended for severe obesity.

Both types of food include feeding guidelines and dietary advice. You’ll also want to discuss a weight loss plan with your vet.    

Packed with Protein and Nutrients

Real chicken or lamb is the main ingredient – and that’s great news. Dogs are carnivores who need a primarily meat-based diet. Lean meat protein provides valuable amino acids and other needed nutrients. It helps heal damaged tissue while keeping skin and hair soft and shiny.

Additionally, each formula has Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. They help maintain coat fullness and overall health. Choose food with Omega fatty acids if your dog’s coat is thinning or patchy.

Finally, there’s a lot to like about what’s not in the list of ingredients. All 4Health formulas are 100% grain-free. They have no corn, wheat or soy.

Grains often act as nothing more than filler in foods. Plus, they’re also common allergens. Grain-free foods are easy for dogs to digest. They’re also more nutrient dense.

Locally Sourced and Expertly Made

As mentioned above, the quality of the ingredients has the biggest impact on the overall health of the food. 4Health excels at sourcing. If knowing where each ingredient originates from is important to you, you’ll love 4Health’s commitment to keeping you informed.

The Tractor Supply Company oversees every aspect of sourcing. Proteins are raised locally using no hormones or antibiotics. Produce is also sourced locally and grown using a water purification process. Nutrition experts create all formulas.  

Social Proof

4Health isn’t the most popular dog food brand. They’ve had difficulty separating the dog food from the larger farm supply business. There are very few reviews posted online, and what’s there is overwhelmingly negative.

However, there are almost no reviews overall. Considering the Tractor Supply Company has no reason to make dog food if it’s not selling well, because they’re such a large company, we tend to think most 4Health customers have a positive impression of the brand. Only the small group of dissatisfied customers seem inclined to post reviews.

Many people felt the brand was too expensive:

Tractor Supply Company customers don’t like the vast price difference between buying online versus off. Ordering four pounds of food online costs about the same as buying 25 pounds of the same food in the store.

The cost difference is easily the most common complaint. If you live near a Tractor Supply Company retail location, you can save big compared to ordering online.

It’s important to note that the volume of complaints is low. Most of them focus on the price. Almost everyone agrees the quality of the food is high.


4Health uses a carefully-balanced blend of ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind formula. However, 4Health isn’t the right choice for every dog. Here are three brands similar to 4Health:

  • Orijen Dog Food
  • Victor Dog Food
  • Kirkland Dog Food
Product PhotoProduct NameRatingPrice
DJI Mavic Pro1. Orijen Dry Dog Food, Original4.4
Check Price
DJI Mavic Pro2. Victor Dog Food4.4
Check Price
DJI Mavic Pro3. Kirkland Dog Food5.0
Check Price
DJI Mavic Pro4. 4health Tractor Supply Company Grain Free Adult Dog Food, Chicken & Vegetables Formula, 4 lb Bag2.2
Check Price

Orijen Dog Food

4Health is carefully balanced to meet your dog’s nutritional needs with a total protein content of 20%. However, you might want more. If you’re looking for dog food with a higher meat content than 4Health, consider Orijen. It has a meat content of 85%, which is about three times as much as most dog food.

Orijen food is Biologically Appropriate. It mimics the proteins dogs eat naturally in the wild. They locally source free-range poultry, nest-laid eggs, wild fish, ranch-raised meats and other fresh ingredients. A unique freeze-drying process seals in nutrients, so the food arrives fresh on store shelves.

  • Biologically Appropriate recipe emphasizes fresh, wholesome ingredients
  • Meat content of 85% is higher than most other dog food brands
  • All proteins and veggies locally sourced

If you’re looking for another dog food committed to fresh, nutritious ingredients, check out Orijen dog food here.

Victor Dog Food

Most 4Health foods have chicken as the main protein, although they also offer varieties with turkey, lamb, and fish. Victor Dog Food also offers a similar line of grain-free foods. It’s a good alternative if you like the benefits of 4Health, but your dog doesn’t like the taste.

Victor dog food recipes have a unique blend of probiotics and minerals called the CORE formula. It boosts the digestive system to allow for more efficient nutrient absorption. Switch to Victor if 4Health food gives your dog diarrhea, nausea or other gastrointestinal issues.

  • A wide variety of protein-rich, grain-free foods
  • CORE formula aids digestion

If 4Health seems to upset your dog’s digestive system, consider switching to Victor Dog Food here.

Kirkland Dog Food

The number one complaint about 4Health is the price, especially for customers who can only buy it online. If you’re looking for nutritious dog food which is easier on the wallet, consider Kirkland Dog Food.

Kirkland is Costco’s in-house brand of food. It’s made from all-natural ingredients including real chicken, fresh eggs and rice. Although the formula is different than 4Health, it still provides balanced nutrition to protect your dog’s joints, coat, and overall health.

Plus, it’s affordable. You don’t even need to be a Costco member to save big. It’s a good choice for anyone on a budget including households with multiple dogs.

  • An affordable, budget-friendly option
  • The main ingredient is chicken
  • Formulated for dogs in all life cycles

If 4Health’s price tag is a bit too rich for your family finances, check out Kirkland Signature dog food here for a more affordable option.


It’s a shame 4Health dog food isn’t more well-known, because a few negative reviews are likely scaring off many potential customers needlessly.

4Health and the Tractor Supply Company clearly know dog food. They understand dogs’ unique nutritional needs, and they know how to work with suppliers to obtain only the freshest, most wholesome meats and veggies.

Unless you buy a lot of farm equipment, you probably haven’t heard of 4Health. But your dog doesn’t care how popular his food is. He’ll love the natural meaty flavors, and you’ll love the healthy recipe and ingredients!

If 4Health sounds like the right choice for your dog, click here to check it out today.